GTA V Meets... Truck Simulator? (Mod)

In what has to be the single most baffling trend ever to befall this particular industry, recent years have seen the simulator genre take the gaming community by storm. Franchises like EuroTruck Simulator have become massively popular.

Somehow these games have even managed to get a foothold in the hardcore community. Hell, simulators became so popular that parody simulator games have been made such as Goat Simulator and I Am Bread, both achieving mainstream success.

While the popularity of joke games is understandable, games like Farm Simulator or Football Manager, where you're literally doing work is baffling. People work because they need money. Why on earth would you want to continue working in your free time? You don't even get paid!



Lack of logic aside, simulators are undeniably popular. In a world where popular things often clash simply by virtue of being popular and thus having overlapping fan bases, the mod we bring to you today was inevitable.

LtFlash, modder and fan of both GTA V and simulator games has pretty much taken EuroTruck simulator and ported it over to GTA V. This mod allows you to take on delivery jobs for a freight company. You pick your truck, your cargo, your point of origin and your destination. Once you have the paperwork squared away, you drive.

That's it. You take the goods to the destination, drop them off, get paid and repeat the process. There is some variety to the trucks you can choose from, as smaller vehicles allow for greater agility. You'll also need to pay heed to traffic rules this time around, as repairing your damaged truck is going to cost you.


The mod has added special repair stations to work with freight trucks exclusively.There is also an bare-bones accelerometer added to the HUD not present in vanilla.

EnRAGEd Trucking also contains its SDK, allowing any player with some know-how to craft their own content for this mod. Adding new features, new destinations and even new vehicles to classify as freight carriers (cargo planes, maybe?) to expand upon the original idea.

The simulator genre is popular for a reason. Granted, we have no idea what that reason is, but it is popular. GTA V is generally known to be a rather chaotic game which revels in mayhem and action, so it is possible that a calm cargo run in between rampages is needed to break things up a little.

Do you guys play any kinds of simulators, or is it only GTA V for you?

Aron Gerencser
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