GTA 5 Meets Train Simulator Thanks To Mod

These simulator mods are starting to take GTA V by storm. Not so long ago we reported on a mod which essentially turns the game into Truck Simulator, plus we've covered a mod in the past somewhat similar to this one. The simulator genre has become one of gaming most surprising cash cows, with the newest simulators raking in AAA amounts of revenue with each release.

The genre has become so large that it has spawned a whole sub-genre of parody simulators, which allow players to be surgeons, goats, slices of bread or, most recently, literally everything. This mania with simulators may have gotten a tad out of hand in the industry at large, however within the bounds of GTA V modding, sim mods have been pretty solid.

Which brings us to the newest one on offer: Train Simulation Mod. The mod was made by a moderately experienced modder called LtCaine, who clearly has some serious talent, but has yet to make a name for himself - something in which we can hopefully help.



The mod itself allows players to take control of any of the trains in the game, including the metro. The mod adds unique graphic user interfaces for each of the trains in order to ensure maximum immersion while driving them. There are also stops for the train where either it takes on passengers or cargo is loaded and certain sections of the tracks are placed under speed limits that the player must adhere to.

The mod also adds additional physics features to the game, meaning that the total mass of the train, the speed, inclination and friction on the tracks are all taken into account when accelerating or decelerating.


What other kinds of vehicle simulators would you like to see modded into GTA V? Emergency services, maybe?

Aron Gerencser
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