GTA V Meets TR-8R, Regrets It

When you have a theatrical release as large as Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens was, you can be sure that it’s going to spawn a few memes. As GTA V and Star Wars have a bit of a history in terms of fan-made cross-over content, its also a fair bet that those memes will make it into the game in some way too. In the months leading up to the premier of The Force Awakens, countless Rockstar Editor videos and mods were created for GTA V with a Star Wars theme. Even now after the big hype died down, the Star Wars fever is still burning.

One of the more recognized marks episode 7 has left on popular culture is the scene where a Stormtrooper loyal to the First Order over-dramatizes Finn’s betrayal of the regime. Service number TR-8R (see that?) has become a celebrity due to his exclamation of “TRAITOR” and the brutal fight that followed.


One of the most popular GTA V fan video creators, Adam Pinkman, has decided to marry this iconic scene with the Rockstar Editor. The Editor has its limits and the iconic spin which makes the scene so memorable is absent from the library of animations. Instead, Pinkman decided to make his video stand out in other ways.


The animations in this are crisp and smooth, the Stormtrooper armor high quality and the twist at the end unexpected. Of course, even so the Rockstar Editor couldn’t have done all this. Pinkman himself has said that there is a ton of additional editing in this video using software other than the Editor. Based on what Pinkman said in his interview, considering all the custom work required to put this video together, it most likely took the longest to make.

What TV or movie related GTA V crossover would you like to see Pinkman make next?

Aron Gerencser
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