GTA V Meets Top Gear, Is Awesome

Well, not literally. While having Jeremy Clarkson hook up with the team again and wing their own Top Gear reboot through GTA Online, recording and editing with the Rockstar Editor... and then publishing it all on YouTube would be ludicrously awesome, it is hardly going to happen. However, in lieu of such an amazingly badass production, we'll have to make do with a replacement. A promising replacement, into which much effort is put, but a replacement none the less.

An up and coming gaming Youtuber, Hampyro, who has dipped his toes into several games as to find what ticks best with him, seemingly settled with GTA V. His series based on Top Gear and shot entirely in the game has been bringing in some serious views.

In his Top Gear videos, Hampyro bands together with a few mates to subject various vehicles in GTA V to different challenges, and narrates the process in a style much like that of the original TV show. All the way from the opening sequence, through the script, all the way to the frequently used camera angles - it becomes instantly obvious that this GTA V player is channeling his inner Top Gear.

However, since this is GTA, there is a tad more bodily harm going around than in the source material. Commentators wantonly running over either one another or pedestrians is standard, and occasionally, someone just absolutely has to be shot. Because GTA. Plus, it isn't just the people getting hurt, as cars are crashed and burned not once in the span of an episode.


The various challenges involve setting a price limit and trying to find the best car which can be bought from that amount, or trying to find out which muscle car in GTA V outperforms all others.

Do we have any past Top Gear fans among our readers?

Aron Gerencser
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