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GTA V Meets Titanic, Sinks The Internet

Oh, the GTA V community always has a way of finding out what the world is missing. Some things you just don't realize you've been lacking for all this time until you finally get it and these are one of those times. Once again, the beauty and versatility of the Rockstar Editor is allowed to shine. The flame of creativity is still ablaze in the community, coming up with the most entertaining fan made content throughout gaming.

With a large part of GTA V fan videos made with the Rockstar Editor having been made are recreations of popular movie trailers - both serious and satirical -, you'd assume this one was done before. However, videos about this particular film remade in the game are surprisingly sparse.

We are, of course, speaking of Titanic, James Cameron's semi-real-story romantic drama about the uneasy relationship between a boat and an iceberg poor kid and the rich woman-who-is-betrothed-to-someone-she-doesn't-love-but-is-also-rich falling in love and into freezing water.

The movie has (somehow) gained critical acclaim and popularity swiftly after release, prompting a 3D re-screening a few years ago. While the movie lacked the heavy-handed environmental message that Avatar hammered into our heads, Titanic did convey the profound message that it's okay to be poor as long as you fit society's ideal for physical appearance.

BTZ's recreation of the trailer for Titanic 3D, made entirely in GTA V is an absolute masterpiece and the only version of the movie I'd spend time watching. Michael's casting as Jack is an obvious choice, however seeing Trevor as Rose will make you double-take twice - first because it's Trevor as Rose, and second because he's actually a good fit.

BTZ was going for a scene-for-scene recreation here, sprinkling his version with subtle jokes and hidden humor to keep things fresh and interesting. The video proves that the creator has quite a bit of skill and experience with the Rockstar Editor. Comments are universally praising his version, with many people saying that it's better than the original - then again, this isn't the only GTA V recreation of a film trailer to be awarded that honor.

It's clear that a couple of mods were used in the making of the video, like the ship itself, but that doesn't detract from the experience even slightly, seeing as it wouldn't have been possible in vanilla GTA V.

What other acclaimed and popular film would you like to see adapted to GTA V?


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