GTA V Meets The Wolf Of Wall Street

Some of you may remember The Wolf of Wall Street as being yet another Leonardo DiCaprio movie which everyone swore would win him an Oscar... but didn't. You might also remember it as the semi-real story of a poor kid becoming a drug addicted multi-billionaire broker in a rather short amount of time, and it absolutely ruining him.

Crime, drugs, money, violence. Sounds a tad like GTA, doesn't it? We're not the only ones who think so, as well known GTA V fan video creator Powerlight-13 has decided to remake the trailer of the film using the Rockstar Editor. GTA V's usual lineup of characters jump in to play the roles of Jordan Belfort and his cohorts.


Powerlight-13 is a known figure in the Rockstar Editor recreation scene having made the GTA V versions of Spectre, Interstellar, and Prison Break among many, many others.

His recreation of the trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street is spot on with the usual shot-for-shot authenticity. The only thing that seems a bit off is the animations but that is of no fault of Powerlight-13. The acting in the film was rather intense and there is only so much you can do with the number of stock animation included with the Editor.

The character stand-ins are pretty easy to guess. Michael steps in as DiCaprio as Belfort, with Lester switching out Jonah Hill and Trevor as Jon Bernthal.

Considering the complexity of the original trailer this just might be the creator's most impressive video, even if not the most authentic. Getting things this close to the source material in GTA V takes some serious skill and dedication, not to mention a boatload of free time. The props, people and locations are as spot-on as possible with the resources given.

What movie trailer would you like to see Powerlight-13 recreate in GTA V next?

Aron Gerencser
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