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GTA V Meets The Incredible Hulk... Twice


Our frequent readers and/or frequent users of single player mods may very well be familiar with the name JulioNIB. The Brazilian modder has brought to the community the Just Cause 2 Grappling Hook mod and the Iron Man Armor/Hulkbuster Armor mod.

Their names being quite descriptive, these mods allow you to used the grappling hook mechanics featured in Just Cause 2, and all the powers and abilities of the signature red and gold armor suit from the popular marvel comics (the mod uses the movie versions as basis). It was known that JulioNIB was working on a mod which would allow you to control the Incredible Hulk, in a vein similar to the Iron Man mod, and finally the green beast has arrived to GTA V.


In the recently released Hulk script mod, your character takes on both the appearance and the abilities of Bruce Banner's angrier side. There are quite a few abilities and features added by this mod. You have the standard super strength, super jump and near invulnerability, but you can now also rip out a lamp post and use it as a baseball bat, you can derail the unstoppable train, lift random objects, throw PEDs, and spawn another Hulk who is hostile to you (technically, you can spawn as many other Hulks as you wish, it just eats up them framerates).

Tanks and all kinds of aerial military vehicles will be constantly attacking you along with any hostile Hulks, but they won't be a problem. When you run as Hulk, you automatically toss away anything in your path, and when your melee target isn't in range, you'll automatically jump up to them when you hit the attack key.

Now the only thing that needs to happen is for the hostile Hulk spawning feature to be added to the Hulkbuster Iron Man Armor, and then you can have a truly authentic destruction banzai in Los Santos. Will you guys be causing chaos in GTA V as the Hulk?

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