GTA V Meets The American Revolution

Never thought you could use GTA V for educational purposes, did you? Some games have been known to carry educational value even if they aren't strictly speaking an educational game (passed a history exam once using knowledge gained solely from Assassin's Creed).

But no matter how much you stretch it, GTA never really fit into that category. The most you could learn from GTA was an extremely keen sense of survival, not to trust anyone, and that if you ever die you can just be revived at a hospital regardless of how severe the injury was for a few hundred bucks. Oh,wait...

Anyhow, players out there have been thinking on how to infuse some deeper intellectual value into GTA V, and modding turned out to be the answer. While the following mod sure as hell won't be used in classrooms in its current state, it's the very first step in that direction. The Revolutionary War mod from bdking00 allows you to turn the plains of Blaine County into a historical battlefield, with platoons of Colonial revolutionaries and the soldiers of the British Expeditionary Force.



The Blues and the Redcoats in the mod are armed with weapons that fit the era, and operate based on the tactics of the time, meaning they stand around in tightly packed rows a few meters from each other and shoot without moving an inch. The mod is in its first iteration, meaning there is very little actual history going on, but the author has stated that he plans on expanding it greatly.

There are artillery units to back up the foot soldiers, but the mod isn't well optimized right now, so it isn't recommended to spawn many units just now. This means no epic battles or recreations of the charge of Bunker Hill, yet. Would you guys be interested in seeing more historically themed GTA V mods?

Aron Gerencser
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