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The Entire Terminator 2 Movie Recreated in Grand Theft Auto V

We've written plenty about fantastic Rockstar Editor creations over the years, but this particular video eclipses everything we've featured before. Fans have used Grand Theft Auto V to recreate trailers and scenes from their other fandoms for as long as the Editor has been around, however never before did someone go and remake an entire movie.

Russian GTA V fan and filmmaker Kramer's Media has took it upon himself one and a half years ago to recreate Terminator 2: Judgement Day in its entirety within the game. Now, the end result is finally viewable on YouTube, and it's a sight to behold. While his version does take some liberties - such as having the runtime of one hour as opposed to the two and a half of the original - this is still one of the most impressive fan videos we've seen.

The video is a complete and accurate recreation of the plot, however with a few minor alterations. All the scenes are in the right place and instantly recognizable, but it would be impossible to remake the movie frame-for-frame in GTA V, so Kramer's Media shortened many of them.

That said, no effort was spared on the visuals. The video makes extensive use of mods, including accurate T-800 models and Nathan Drake from Uncharted to act as an adult John Connor in the opening scene. Extensive editing work has also been done outside of the Rockstar Editor, which wouldn't be capable of depicting the scanning sequences, for example.

There's one other tiny hiccup for those of us who don't speak Kramer's Media's mother-tongue: all spoken dialogue in the video is in Russian. Then again, all of you really should have seen Terminator 2 by now, and if you haven't, I suggest you stop reading this and go watch it. Now.

For those of us who have seen it, it's not like we're unfamiliar with the storyline. We can marvel at the meticulous attention to detail the creator has put into remaking this film using a game that should, in theory, be entirely unsuitable for such an endeavor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's and Robert Patrick's in-game models are easy to recognize, and some the special effects used in the film are recreated, such as the bullet "craters" in the liquid-metal body of the T-1000. Mods aren't only used for obvious things like the Terminators themselves, but smaller details like a Cyberdyne logo on the building where Dr. Dyson is found.

Fans of the film will note how well some of the locations from Los Santos fit into the feel of the movie's locales, such as the canal for the truck chase scene, which might be among the most famous from the motion picture.

Throughout the video, there are very few editing gaffes, and we can only imagine how many takes for some of the scenes that could have taken. This is clearly a labor of passion for the creator, and we're definitely impressed with the end result. Now, when will someone remake an entire season of a TV show in the Rockstar Editor? Maybe a full film trilogy?


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