GTA V Meets Spy Vs. Spy In Tribute Video

We’ve all gotten used to the fact by now that the Rockstar Editor’s vocation is to be used for GTA V cross-over content instead of in-universe creations.

Trailer recreations dominate the Editor scene, but the tv-opening remake sub-genre has also carved out quite a following, with Merfish and his vulgar re-imaginings leading the way.

The Editor is also often used in unison with various mods to bring other popular game franchises over into the world of GTA V. We’ve seen the likes of Fallout and Metal Gear re-enacted with the familiar faces of Rockstar’s massive financial juggernaut of a game.

Today we bring to you a tribute which is starting to edge closer to the obscure end of the spectrum, though we’re not truly on unknown waters yet.

Spy vs. Spy is a cold war era comic depicting the never-ending struggle between two rodent-like super spies. One all black, the other all white, the two spies found overly creative ways of dispatching one another from strip to strip, alternating between victor each strip.

The comics were very much a product of their time, being a metaphor for the unspoken conflict which was going full swing at the time. It should not surprise you that the original creator of the comic was a Cuban expatriate.

GTA V fans and skilled video creators TeamPower AwesomeTeam (what kind of a name is that?) have put together some short-n-sweet tributes to the unique comic series using the Rockstar Editor.

The shorts capture the feel and atmosphere of the original comics perfectly, incorporating the kinds of twists typical of them. Whenever you think one spy will win, the other makes a victorious comeback.

These videos aren’t great just for the authenticity and potential nostalgia factor alone. As far as Rockstar Editor videos go, these feature some prime editing and directing, with some great ending shots for each video.

The two spies also look the part with matching outfits of black and white. The only thing missing here is their characteristic over-long triangular rodent-like noses jutting out from their faces. The emblems and reverse color schemes on their vehicles are an added bonus.


Spy Vs. Spy has left the bounds of print several times in the past, with TV shorts, action figures and a video game way back when. Despite this, the franchise enjoys continued popularity.

Come to think of it, GTA Online could make better use of the stealth stat with a spy themed update, don’t you think?

Aron Gerencser
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