GTA V Meets Sicario In Epic Video

While straight-faced GTA V recreations of movie scenes have always been around, the Rockstar Editor is increasingly used to parody popular – or not so popular – films. Well shot and edited non-satirical recreations using the extremely versatile video editor are hard to come by. Luckily that doesn’t mean their quality took a dive when they do show up, however.

While there is an increasing amount of recycled ideas being made in Hollywood, last year did see a few good pictures not based on any pre-existing media likes books, games, TV shows or other movies. In fact, one of the films considered by many to be the greatest action film of the year with three Oscars under its belt was an entirely original production.

Sicario is a tale of clean cops, not-so-clean cops, cartels and the war on drugs in Mexico. The movie depicts a covert operation disguised as an extradition, however it is revealed that the goal is to eliminate a particular drug cartel to allow another one to take its place. The plot took some interesting twists – this isn’t that kind of action movie where  if you’ve seen the first 10 minutes you’ve seen it all.


Granted, the mission would have required some combat by its nature alone, however things go south every now and then (they always do. It’s a movie, after all) resulting in some additional confrontations. Despite being about corruption, gangs and drug trade, the movie feels very distant from the kind of thing you’ll see in GTA. This focuses a lot more on the military side of things.

Thematically, however, there is some overlap. This is possibly one of the reasons why the tense border crossing scene translated so well to GTA V’s engine. OriFilmsGta has put together a solid, scene-for-scene recreation of that sequence with stunning accuracy. It’s apparent from the video that he did not use any visual mods, however the great Scene Director mod which we’ve featured did come in handy along with a few trainers.

The recreation nails countless details, down to using surprisingly similar PEDs for the attacking cartel henchmen, the overhead shots of the highway and the matching colors of the vehicles. Michael makes a surprisingly good Benicio Del Toro as well. There are some slight discrepancies, like how the in-game characters hold their weapons while in the car, but that is a limitation set by the game and not the creator’s skills.

Have you guys ever made a GTA V movie recreation fan vid? Please share!

Aron Gerencser
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