GTA V Meets Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction

Chances are if you've had any kind of access to technology throughout your life and were born way back when years still begun with "1"s instead of "2" , then you've seen a movie called Pulp Fiction. You know, the one where Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta shoot some guys, where Bruce Willis is locked up in a basement with a ball-gag, and some diner robbery is also mixed up in it all? The one film that half the internet has been referencing ever since... and that one film from which half of the "funny" quotes and memes you keep seeing on social media are from?

Now, if I were to continue by saying that the video this article is about recreates the most iconic scene from the film, then each and every one of our readers is guaranteed to think of a different scene. Pulp Fiction has been referenced so many times that the references themselves have been referenced!

The video this article is about recreates one of the most iconic scenes from Pulp Fiction, specifically, the one where Jules torments that one poor schmuck who screwed over Marcellus Wallace, and presses him with contrived questions while the poor guy is in a state of shock and can say nothing other than the one word "what".


Adam Pinkman, a well known YouTuber and creator of several popular GTA V fan videos such as the Crash Bandicoot video and the Halo 5 trailer remake, has now turned his attention to Pulp Fiction, and adapted the well known scene using a boatload of patience and the versatile Rockstar Editor. Considering how authentic and precise the final product turned out the be, Adam undoubtedly has the lines from the scene irrevocably burned into his memory.

What other iconic scene from Pulp Fiction would you like to see recreated in GTA V using the Rockstar Editor?

Mike Roberts

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