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GTA V Meets Prison Break, Is Fantastic

It seems that right after we started mentioning that ever since the Freemode Events update brought the Rockstar Editor to consoles and suddenly the number of GTA V fan videos took a nose dive, instead of rapidly increasing, the community got its shit together and started making these things again.

Among the most frequent GTA V fan videos made using the Rockstar Editor are recreations of scenes from popular films or television series, and among these, the most are scene-for-scene adaptations of the opening sequence. Some of these are serious and even artistic, while others venture off into comedy and absurdity.

The newest show on the chopping block of well known GTA V video creator Powerlight-13 is Prison Break. The series which almost never came into being, but was saved by the popularization of serialized prime time television, gained a massive following and expanded into a large, multi-media franchise with several tie-ins and spin-offs.

The series focuses on a pair of brothers, one of whom is falsely accused and convicted of murder, and placed on death row. The other, instead of trying to go through official channels, devises an elaborate plan to spring his brother and clear his name, which he proceeds to tattoo all over his body when perfected. The actor playing the lead character actually got the permanent tattoos, and famously refused any painkillers during the procedure where they were removed with laser.

The main Prison Break series ended in mid 2009, with a shorter reboot to be aired this year. The recreation, as always, follows the original scene-for-scene, even adding the faded tattoo overlays. Experienced GTA V players will recognize a number of locations from the video, which fit perfectly with the scenery from the series' opening sequence. The attention to detail that we have come to expect from Powerlight-13 is present here as well, resulting in a prime recreation.

Do we have any long-time Prison Break fans among our readers?


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