GTA V Meets Predator, Gets Hunted

The GTA V fan film creator and modding communities seem to be going through a checklist of iconic films to adapt to the game. Whether we're talking about trailers, TV openings or specific scenes, many have been spirited away into the world of GTA V either through mods or using the Rockstar Editor, the versatile gameplay recording and video editing tool built into thegame.

We've seen all kinds of takes on fan recreations. From the serious to the silly, from the scene-for-scene remakes to original re-imaginings, the range is pretty diverse. While content from other GTA games is what is most often remade, other major pop-culture staples have seen the light of day as a cross-over too, as well as more obscure franchises.

Today's newsworthy video come to us from something of a veteran when it comes to GTA V fan videos. Duggy was the one who made the tribute to Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot soliloquy, as well as the Matrix parody. This time around he shows off his skills when it comes to a serious production when adapting a popular franchise.

Whoops, wrong aliens...
Whoops, wrong aliens...

Predator was an action classic which premiered back in 1987, with star Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the lead role. It concerns a group of special forces soldiers sent to a remote jungle for a rescue mission. Eventually it is revealed that in reality they were sent in to retrieve enemy intelligence and are confronted by local guerilla fighters. However, a third party, the eponymous Predator enters the fray.

The deadly alien, equipped with cloaking technology and high-tech weaponry has become an iconic character in sci-fi popular culture. The film spawned a series as well as a crossover with the Alien franchise leading to Alien Versus Predator (even though they are both aliens and they're both predators) and AVP Requiem.

Duggy's prime skills as a filmmaker come across perfectly in this Predator themed GTA V video. Perfect pacing, great choreography, a decent Yautja character model and great timing all lead to ensuring this video a place on the list of greatest Rockstar Editor videos to have been created.

The movements do show that Duggy probably used some additional software to add character movements and more complex animations to complement Rockstar's already expansive library. Whatever mod is sued for the cloaking effect sure is solid.

Would you like to see other Schwarzenegger films adapted t GTA V using the Rockstar Editor.

Aron Gerencser
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