GTA V Meets Power Puff Girls Opening

Merfish is back, and he leaves no old cartoon inviolate. The man(fish?) has been rummaging through a seemingly endless library of older televisions shows and cartoons which were quite popular in their prime. You know, the kind of shows that undoubtedly formed a part of the fond childhood memories of present day adults, or near to it… also making them the target audience of GTA V and related fan videos.

Previous victims of Merfish include shows such as Captain Planet, Pokémon and Arthur. For his newest video, Merfish has decided to violate the Powerpuff Girls (meaning the show, you sick, sick person).

In it, he’s replaced various characters from the popular cartoon with faces very familiar from the GTA V story. The Professor has been replaced by Lester, Michael by Bubbles, Trevor by Blossom and Franklin by Buttercup (I needed to look that up).

This particular video may very well be the most disturbing work of Merfish to date, which is saying a lot. A lot. While the poses (some, at least) and general shots more or less resemble that of the original opening, there is quite a bit of absurdity and weirdness going on.

The shot which focuses on the abdomens of the three protagonists and the humping motion performed by them is undoubtedly the most bewildering portion of this video, though the prevalence of dildos is also typical of Merfish. However, props to him for getting so many of the villains into the panning shot, and making them resemble their original, demented forms.

Of course, such a video cannot go without mention of the inevitable “additional GTA style violence”. Instead of simply punching the freaks and knocking them out, like in the cartoon, in this clip the switchblades and miniguns are brought out.

What other popular cartoons do you wish to see Merfish remake in GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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