GTA V Meets Marvel's Avengers

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe going full swing on into Phase 3, the Avenger's popularity is on the rise, even though this was thought impossible following the massive success of Phase 1's conclusion. With comic books and superheroes suddenly becoming mainstream 'cool' again, Marvel themed mods are on the rise, most notably, the Iron Man armor mod for GTA V, about which we wrote some time ago.


With Marvel coming up with all sorts of awesome stuff, like autonomous suits of power armor, cosmic cubes of endless energy, impregnable shields, jetpacks with flexible eagle wings and freaking flying aircraft carriers.


Yes kids, flying aircraft carriers.

The Helicarrier, a large double-decked amphibious aircraft carrier with four massive rotors and a cloaking system, was first featured in The Avengers, with several more advanced versions appearing in Phase 2 film Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Well, SHIELD has arrived to Los Santos to repel the alien invasion, and their massive flagship has arrived on the coast of the city. Featuring the two runways, a large interior space, lighting and several aircraft, the large floating structure is as authentic as can be when made using the GTA V map editor tools and the available props. While the shape and function is spot on, the fact that the hull is comprised from stacked shipping containers ruins the awesome factor a bit, but it's not like GTA V has anything resembling an aircraft carr... oh wait.

We joke, of course, as that model is much too small to be used as a Helicarrier. With the resources the author had at his disposal, this is an amazing mod. Floating mid-air off the coast of Los Santos, this is quite the imposing sight, and a must-download for any Marvel fan.

Do we have any fans of the Avengers among our readers?

Aron Gerencser
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