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GTA 5 Meets Iron Man


If you follow popular GTA V mods and also read our articles regarding those mods, the name JulioNIB should not be unknown to you. He's responsible for both the legendary Jet-Pack mod and the amazingly awesome Just Cause 2 grappling hook mod. Courtesy of him comes another exotic method of transportation in the form of an Iron Man suit.


The logical next step for the insanely creative GTA V modder, this creation allows players to don Tony Stark's signature red and gold metallic powered armor suit which, besides being armed with an impressive range of weapons, and is nearly indestructible, can fly. The suit added to GTA V by way of the mod shares much of the functionality of the suit in Marvel's canon, and visually is based on the Mark III suit seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first Iron Man film.

The mod adds a new radar on the bottom of the screen, and gives the character a separate armor and health bar. The suit is fully animated, and it is possible to fire the flight stabilizers and the unibeam at enemies and vehicles. The suit also features super-strength, destroying cars with a single punch. You can also, obviously, fly and hover around. The mod seems like a great choice for players who want to add a bit of superhero flavored mayhem to their GTA V experience.

JulioNIB has also recently detailed his future plans for GTA V mods. He intends to create a Hulk mod to complement the Iron Man suit, as well as adding characters from Watch_Dogs to the game. Other plans include a Superman and Flash mod to bolster the ranks of DC characters added to GTA V, and zombie/alien invasion themed mods are also planned.

Are you going to try out this Iron Man mod?


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