GTA V Meets I Am Legend

The GTA V community is filled with film-maker talent as evidenced by the multitude of high-quality fan videos made using the Rockstar Editor. Some are original productions, while others are recreations of scenes or trailers from well known movies or television series. There are also some which are a strange mix of the two, taking many liberties with the source material.

The Rockstar Editor is extremely versatile, with a massive library of animations, actors, props and locations with which to set up your scene. If you don’t find what you’re looking for among the default options though, you can always mod the Editor on PC to fit your needs.

While the most commonplace Rockstar Editor videos are the ones which recreate trailers and TV openings, a few focus on recreating entire scenes in GTA V. LioN KoLLA has taken it upon himself to adapt the opening scenes of I Am Legend to the Rockstar Editor. I Am Legend features Will Smith as the sole survivor of a deadly mutagenic plague that hits New York City. With everyone else either dead or feral, Smith and his dog try to survive and find a cure for the disease.

GTA V’s Franklin jumps in to cover for Smith, however strangely enough it isn’t Chop who takes the dog’s place. The creator of the video put quite a bit of effort into getting the scenery right, with the vehicles discarded all over the streets and the military blockade at the intersection. The chase after the deer is recreated shot for shot, as is the scene following it. The slight jerkiness of the video is just a sign that the creator hasn’t fully come to grips with the software yet, however he is obviously talented in this field.

What other post-apocalyptic movie would you like to see recreated in GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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