GTA V Meets Hitman In Fan Video

Agent 47 is one of the most known assassins in video games - though he isn't well known within his own universe (that wouldn't make him a very good assassin, would it!).

The Hitman series is right up there with Splinter Cell and Thief amongst the greatest stealth franchises the industry has known. A recent film adaptation took the character into a more action oriented direction that really didn't work out for him. While the movie strayed away from the franchise roots, it did give us some solid GTA V adaptation material.

Whether you are a Hitman fan or not, you probably did not like Agent 47 (the film). Poor story, poor acting and poor directing are universal issues, and while the film does suffer from all of these, it undoubtedly did have at least a few good looking shots (pun entirely intended).


GTA and Hitman fan(s?) Gamer Family recently uploaded a Rockstar Editor fan video which uses GTA V's powerful footage editor suite to recreate the Hitman feel - the movie's Hitman feel that is.

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If you've come here for some sneaky stealth, minimal weapon usage, impersonation, hiding in plain sight, and a garrote, you are going to be very disappointed. This here is guns blazing action, with explosions, intense hollywoodesque one-on-one duels on a subway, and an army's worth of SWAT officers being taken down by one guy toting heavy weaponry.


But you know, he's bald, wears a black suit with a red tie, and has a bar code (which isn't a bar code) tattooed on the back of his neck so it's totally Hitman. At least he uses silencers and a sniper rifle at one point so it ain't all bad.

Do you prefer the sneaky, stealthy gameplay of the (proper) Hitman games, or are you more a fan of the balls-off-the-wall insane mayhem of GTA V and Online?


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