GTA V Meets GTA San Andreas, Paradox Ensues

Hey, just in case a GTA game set in San Andreas isn’t enough for you, here’s a video of the intro of a GTA game set in San Andreas, but remade in another GTA game set in San Andreas.


The third installment of the 3D era of GTA games, San Andreas, is lauded by many to this day to be the best game in the series, if not of all time. It has a massive following, and the same rule applies to it as to Deus Ex – every time someone mentions it, somewhere in the world it is reinstalled or fired up again on a console.

Few games can say that they rival the popularity of San Andreas – GTA V is one of them. Something else GTA V can say is that it comes with an extremely versatile gameplay capture and video editing suite to boot, in the face of the Rockstar Editor. Using the Editor, and some further video software, Youtuber and GTA fan RealMuthaphukkinRap (rather fitting) has recreated the opening credits of San Andreas, with gameplay footage from V going on in the background.


Now, when it comes to recreations, we usually point out how authentic or reminiscent of the original the creation is, however in this case it goes without saying. These are two games within the same franchise and in the same setting. Granted, V’s depiction of the state of San Andreas is different from the places we visited all those years ago, but there are undeniable similarities.

San Andreas was recently re-released on the past and current generation of consoles in a HD remake, following the mobile port of two years ago.

Did you guys play San Andreas back in the day, or did you catch up later on, after release? Perhaps you have yet to play this masterpiece?

Aron Gerencser
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