GTA V Meets GTA IV With Conversion Mod

Have you ever wanted to play GTA IV in GTA V's engine, with GTA IV's characters and missions? Well, this mod will allow you to do just that - or, it will, at least.

Converting a previous installment of a game over into the subsequent installment, provided mods are supported, is a popular trend in the large modding community. Mostly typical of RPGs, many big-name game with proper modding tools available will have a mod out there which basically ports the previous game, at least to some extent, over into the new one, making use of the improved aspects of the more recent installment.



Considering how difficult it is overall to produce quality complex mods for GTA V, it should not be surprising that it took this long for a GTA IV mod to pop up. In fact, this mod is the collaborative work of four experienced modders who have been working on the project for quite some time now.

While it is still in its preliminary stages, IVinV has already made significant steps towards making the game feel a lot more like GTA IV. Characters have been switched out, with Michael turned into protagonist Niko Bellic, Franklin replaced with Luis Lopez, and finally Trevor is replaced with Johnny Klebitz.

The character switch and interaction menus have been altered in a way to better fit with the kinds of different game mechanics featured in GTA IV, and several outfits from the previous game have been ported over as well.


There are some missions in place as well, however it is important to point out that this mod is very much in its early alpha stages, and a lot of work still needs to be done to get the mod in a state that can be called a launch version, or even alpha, but the team is dedicated.

What previous game in the franchise would you like to see recreated in GTA V?

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