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GTA V Meets Forza Motorsport 6 Apex

Forza and GTA V have quite the fan made crossover rapport with several Forza trailers having been remade using the Rockstar Editor. In fact, Forza content comes in at a close second to videos themed after other games in the GTA franchise  on the list of most remade source material.

It's fitting too, seeing as cars and racing are a pretty big focus of both games, though Forza goes for the legal side of things. Forza has established itself as a prominent Xbox exclusive franchise. Forza 5 was one of the Xbox One's launch titles and a tough rival of GTA V in terms of early current-gen sales.

However, it seems that Forza is expanding its horizons (no pun intended) and upgrading itself from Xbox exclusive to Microsoft exclusive. Maybe the publishers want to threaten GTA V's position on PC too?

The newly announced Forza Motorsport 6 Apex will be a Windows 10 downloadable exclusive free to play adaptation of Forza 6's console release. There will be some key differences between Apex and the core Forza game, meaning this isn't a straight port.

The free to play aspect has some Forza fans scratching their heads, as a franchise as established as Forza has no need to fear low sales. Apex will also feature microtransactions, allowing players to buy visual upgrades and new vehicles for real cash.

Apex is planning to usurp GTA V in many ways. It is clear that developer Turn 10 is pushing the graphical boundaries of gaming. It has a pretty tough opponent in the face of GTA V, which is still considered the peak of graphical fidelity on PC when set to maximum.

57chevy150, GTA V fan and known car aficionado has adapted the Forza Apex announcement trailer to GTA V using the Rockstar Editor in record time. He has managed to recreate the maiden trailer of the upcoming free to play racer shot-for-shot, scene for scene.

Every angle, every location and even every car (as close as one can get without using mods) is an exact replica of the Apex trailer. Below is said trailer for reference.

Apex is shaping up to be quite the visual spectacle, with some stunning weather effects and full 4K support. Based on the videos it seems clear which wins in terms of graphics, but keep in mind that the remade version doesn't show GTA V's full graphical potential.

Will you be giving Forza Apex a try when it launches, or are you sticking to GTA V?


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