GTA V Meets Fast And Furious... Yet Again (Insane Stunt)

This is quite the video. What we have here is a Rockstar Editor recreation of a notable scene from a popular movie, an impressive and over-the-top stunt, and a sweet car mod. Combining three of the things we like writing about here at GTA BOOM, this is quite the field trip.

With no little similarity with the insane "ramp-plow stunt" recently shown off by one Blacksmoke Billy, the following video is a tad more refined than sticking container ships to a semi truck, it is no less over-the-top or entertaining.

Parallels between Fast and Furious and GTA have been drawn many, many times in the past, including previous Rockstar Editor adaptations. The newest cross between the two car-theft themed franchises leaves behind the first film which instantly popularized Fast and Furious and move to a more recent installment, Fast and Furious 6,. In it, the franchise's trip has taken it far down the road of flashy set pieces and further away from realism.


The film's opening scene sees main antagonist driving a custom car which is shaped like a wedge. Being pursued by the main cast and local police, the wegde-car meets the squad vehicles head on, flinging them in the air in a whimsical, Hollywood-style disregard for the laws of physics.

The wedge-car model was made entirely by the Youtuber who made the video, RUNitsAlpha, a popular and well known GTA V streamer. The video is more or less a scene for scene recreation of the movie sequence, and while the character models aren't a perfect match, but they're as close as you can reasonably get to the real thing. And while RUNitsAlpha hasn't posted a link to the wedge-car mod, it would get great for players to be able to download that beast of a car.

Do we have any Fast and Furious fans among our readers?

Aron Gerencser
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