GTA V Meets Driv3r

Oh, look, an open world video game with a focus on cars, crime, and on-foot gunplay. Can you guess which one it is?

Yeah, that's right, it is GTA V. Oh, were you thinking of Driver 3, frequently stylized as Driv3r? You are also right.

The Driver franchise, while having different beginnings, could be viewed as Atari and Reflections Interactive's answers to GTA, at least from the second game onwards. Driver 2 added a gameplay feature which came into its own with the third game, that allows players to step out of the vehicles and continue the fight on foot, gun in hand. Of course, this made the game a lot more like GTA, and somewhat less unique (the first Driver game built all of its missions and game-modes around being in a vehicle, in a way not seen before), however it did make it more varied.

Driv3r had a pretty powerful promotion campaign going for it prior to release, however it didn't do too well with the reviewers. Many players still enjoyed the game, however it was generally considered a disappointment due to the hype.

Youtuber, GTA and Driver fan Cagenado has remade the opening sequence of Driv3r using the Rockstar Editor, the well known and widely used video editing tool that was developed specifically for GTA V, and recently released on consoles.

While typically such recreations add a measure of good old violence to the mix on top of whatever there already is in the thing they're adapting, Cagenado went for a more authentic approach and tried to replicate the original intro frame for frame. As you can see for yourself, he certainly succeeded in doing just that. The night-time city-scape of Los Santos is truly a thing to behold. One could watch the lights of those buildings slowly panning by endlessly.

What other game similar to GTA would you like to see adapted using the Editor?

Aron Gerencser
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