GTA V Meets Boardwalk Empire

What better mix could there possibly be than GTA V and an acclaimed television series about prohibition era gangsters?

The Rockstar Editor has enabled the creation of countless fan-made masterpieces of film. Whether it is original content or a recreation, budding content creators have used the Editor to produce some great video content. We’ve seen the internal celebrities of the Editor community arise in their prospective fields.

Some creators make satirical parodies of television series, while others go for a straight faced recreation. Some players have made videos into which they’ve poured artistic meaning, while others have made works with a different message.

We’ve seen some seriously stylish remakes of opening sequences in the past, such as True Detective. Yet another popular and critically acclaimed series joins the line-up in the form of Boardwalk Empire. The successful prohibition era crime drama has won countless awards, including a Golden Globe. The lead performance of Steve Buscemi has particularly drawn praise through the series’ run.

GTA V fan and YouTuber LikeAGlove has remade a perfect, authentic scene-for-scene remake of the legendary opening sequence for the show. The evocative shots of the countless bottles of wine floating about in the Atlantic Ocean set the scene for the show perfectly and a surprisingly accurate replica of Buscemi’s outfit can be made in GTA 5.


We’ve featured the work of LikeAGlove before. The creator has grown to become quite the recognizable name in the GTA V fan video community, known for straight-faced recreations. Even so, the growing channel is dedicated to more than just these kinds of videos and has a wide range of Grand Theft Auto related content for your viewing pleasure.

What other stylized and critically acclaimed show would you like to see remade in the fashion of GTA V via the Rockstar Editor?

Aron Gerencser
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