GTA V Meets Nananananananananana

Oh, modding. This here is the kind of thing which elevates the alteration and addition of content to a video game from mere hobby to high freaking art.


While a limited Bruce Wayne - Michael De Santa parallel could be drawn from the base game already, it was hardly as accentuated as this. GTA is a game about criminals committing crimes against other criminals. In a game so rife with criminals, the city of Los Santos is in need of a silent guardian, a watchful protector.

A Dark Knight.



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With this modification, you can be the hero Los Santos deserves, but not the one it needs right now.  The author, Legends_Arrow, has found the perfect little indent in the shoreline of Blaine County. And while his sense for real-estate is impeccable, the interior design could use some touching up, which the author himself has noted.

Will be totally re-working the cave soon. Replacing ground, entrance, making it look more like the movies and adding levels, adding npc's and perhaps some other locations around map! (villain hideouts, other safe houses etc) Follow updates to be notified when the update hits!

While the cave's entrance is hardly hidden (the identical stones strewn about in unnatural formations might as well have "batcave" painted on them), the interior of the secret base shows promise, proving that the author knows what he's doing, he just put out a very, very early iteration of the mod.


We're quite excited to see what the finished GTA V batcave will look like, as based on the kinds of mods some people put out and the attention Legends_Arrow has paid to detail, this will be quite a looker when all the screens are in place and the secret gadgets organised.

The most impressive thing currently are the vehicles, and damn, do they look good. Are you looking forward to having your own fully equipped batcave in GTA V?


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