GTA 5 Meets Batman And The Joker

DC Comics' stealthy super-intelligent vigilante has had his share of crossovers with GTA V thanks to an extremely dedicated modding community. From becoming the Dark Knight himself, through visiting his cavernous hideout all the way to driving his iconic vehicles, mods can practically turn GTA V into another open world Batman game. Of course, Bruce Wayne isn't the only representative of DC Comic to have graced Rockstar's blockbuster crime game.

Trevor, being the violent psychopath he is, couldn't help but remind players of Batman's insane clown nemesis. The Joker is known universally, even in circles uninterested in comics and related media. Having achieved the status as one of the most iconic villains in all of fiction is quite the honor, as is being likened to him.

What is a GTA V fan who possesses some skill with the Rockstar Editor to do with heaps of Batman related mods and a Joker skin for Trevor? Some might choose to produce recreations of various existing stories regarding the conflict of the two. The team over at REC Filming decided to create their original scene instead.



We're talking about a semi-professional team here so high-quality is something of a given, however REC really stands out of the crowd with this video. In terms of story, this is your standard fare. Joker and his goons have taken hostages in some remote location. Batman arrives, dispatches the goons with ease and encounters his nemesis.

The direction, the shots, the attention to detail and the timing are what make this GTA V fan video newsworthy. Several mods that we've covered here at GTA BOOM are showcased in the video. The Arkham Knight Batmobile and the Joker skin for Trevor take center stage.

Have you guys ever attempted to make Batman/GTA V cross-over content in the Rockstar Editor?

Aron Gerencser
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