GTA V Meets The Ballad Of Gay Tony

When it comes to Rockstar Editor recreations, an emerging yet popular topic is revisiting other GTA games and recreating certain scenes in the engine of the newest installment. Unsurprisingly, the most frequently targeted game is GTA: San Andreas, which partially shares its setting with V.

Various character mods also allow for players to mix things up with some additional Grand Theft Auto related content. There are at least half a dozen Niko Bellic mods out there and a handful more for each protagonist ever to grace a GTA game.

The GTA franchise is famous for its spin-offs as much as it is for its main installments. While the 3D era had full-fledged spin-off games with standalone storylines and new settings, GTA IV and the beginning of the HD era only had the DLC packs.


We say "only", but the Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned were just as worthy of being full installments as Vice City or San Andreas. GTA fan and YouTuber Lucid has now taken the former and put it through the Rockstar Editor's works.

As far as iconic openings go, pretty much every game in the franchise tops the list. The Ballad of Gay Tony stands out even so. The bank-robbery-gone-bad, brought to you by poorly coordinated Irish drug addicts is instantly recognizable.

Lucid has done a great job recreating the iconic scene, along with the cameos form Johnny Klebitz and Niko Bellic, which were featured in the original scene as well. As usual, we're looking at a scene-for-scene recreation here gunning for complete authenticity.

Granted, it is shorter than the full opening cutscene of the Ballad of Gay Tony, but the parts shown do the source material justice. As far as we could tell, the only mods used were the character models for Luis and Niko.

Which other former installment of the GTA franchise woud you like to see remade in the Editor?

Aron Gerencser
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