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GTA V Meets Back To The Future (Video)


2015 turned out a whole lot different than what the creative minds of the movie industry had envisioned back in the day. The most apparent difference is the absence of the hoverboard (no, this doesn't count), something significantly simpler than the stereotypical "flying car" scenario, which also has yet to be realized. Sci-fi should be Sci-non-fi by now, dammit!

Anyhow, while the real world sadly isn't quite as cool as we had hoped it would be at this point, we have video games to make up for it! GTA V, thanks to the power of mods, is an extremely versatile game which always has something new to show you, something new to mix things up and keep them fresh. These can range from new skins and map sections to whole new features, a rebuilt world or a total conversion which changes GTA into a completely different game.

Sometimes, one or two mods stick out from the crowd. Sometimes, you come across something quite bizarre. One such case was the Back to the Future DeLorean mod, which, when combined with the Time Circuits mod, could actually travel through time.

Well, someone decided to take things to the next level, bring the versatile Rockstar Editor into the picture, and recreate the most iconic scene from the film in which the DeLorean time machine appears.

The creation that's followed is extremely authentic, and Trevor jumping in a Doc Brown is an absolute perfect choice. The video gives the scene in the parking lot (where the DeLorean is first tested) the good old GTA treatment, using the two mods we mentioned earlier, plus a few other custom modifications and a fine tuned trainer to ensure all goes well with Marty and the Doc, as the four wheeled disruption of the laws of physics speeds towards them.

Does anyone wish a GTA style open world Back to the Future game would exist, where the missions would be different based on time period?


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