GTA V Meets Animal Planet... Sort Of

GTA V was the first installment to introduce wild animals and a hunting mechanic for the player. Hunting is a potentially lucrative side activity accessible by Trevor, and involves putting a bullet in all things cute and fluffy (except cougars - they're anything but cute and fluffy). Snap a picture of the now dead anything cute and fluffy, send it to your mate with a vendetta against all things cute and fluffy, and he sends you money; the amount of which varies based on where you put the bullet into what kind of anything cute and fluffy.

But one GTA V player out there decided that it is time to not put bullets into all things cute and fluffy. One GTA V player decided that the animals of Blaine County have more to them than just being game for hunting. Therefore, this one GTA V player made a video which... will ultimately help the people trying to put bullets into all things cute and fluffy.

8-BIT BASTARD, the up and coming wildlife reporter, has created a whopping 15 minute long, extremely well made and entirely professional documentary film using the Rockstar Editor introducing players to all the animals of GTA V, their behaviours and their patterns. The video is accurate in the sense that it takes wildlife AI used by GTA V's code as a base, and the information conferred in the video really does represent how the in-game animals behave, making this video particularly useful for players who seek to master the hunting minigames.

It also goes to show that this video took 6 months of research and work to complete, which comes as no surprise considering the level of detail and quality of the film. This is truly a professional piece of work.

Did this video spark your interest in the animals of Blaine County?


Aron Gerencser
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