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GTA V Meets AMC's The Walking Dead

As far as recent pop culture hits go, both GTA V and The Walking Dead are pretty damn high on the list. GTA V's sales continue to steadily rise and The Walking Dead is constantly renewed for more seasons. Despite being worlds apart, a game about three dysfunctional criminals and a television series about a global zombie apocalypse, the fan-bases of the two have a pretty big overlap. Merely from a statistical standpoint, when you have two groups so large it would be extremely improbable for them to not meet. In fact, there not being more TWD and GTA V cross-over content is surprising.

The exploits of Rick Grimes and his small ever-changing group of survivors have captivated viewers for years now. Fans of the comics have been following the franchise for an even longer time in black and white. The graphics novels and TV series have both amassed countless accolades and a massive following.

One of the many assets the Walking Dead can call its own is the extremely stylish intro the series has. The harrowing score with the rapidly changing images of the destroyed scenery and various images alluding to the pre-outbreak lives of the main characters.

GTA V has plenty of areas which lend themselves readily to the kind of imagery dominant in the intro, making a recreation possible with little additional work or modding needed. Adding in GTA V characters in place of the actors isn't half as jarring as you thought it would be, especially since the creator, LikeAGlove chose close lookalikes.

This video also shows just how eerie and creepy the streets of Los Santos would be if they were empty. A stark contrast to the fan video which showcases just how active the city is.

Would you want GTA V to get official Zombie related content, or are you sick of the undead?


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