GTA V Map Expanded In Christmas DLC, New Adversary Modes

The leaked upcoming DLCs might be bringing changes to GTA Online, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Some time ago, in between the release of Freemode Events and Lowriders for GTA Online, the press (us included) was buzzing without end about the possibilities of upcoming content, and potential leaks.

The underlying framework restructuring that happened with Freemode Events was the forerunner of a whole new wave of GTA Online DLC. Lowriders being one of the most substantial updates in the game’s history backed this claim, however the future seems even more radical.


We’re well into December, and players are getting eager to hear about the upcoming Christmas DLC for GTA Online, as well as the second part of the Lowriders update. The large leak we reported on some time ago revealed some of the content which will be added to the game with these updates. However, chances are that the leak hasn’t revealed all content that the XMAS_3_MP and LOW_2_MP code-named updates will contain.


The leak spoke of apartment customization, however it is unknown whether or not this will be contained in the aforementioned DLCs or in some unnamed update to be released in 2016. Recent rumors are talking of three new Adversary Modes, ‘Every Bullet Counts’ (update: Rockstar has officially announced this Adversary Mode as a standalone, available now.), ‘Extraction’ and ‘Beast VS Slasher’.


The shakiest rumor also seems to be the one players are hoping most. Rockstar may be expanding the map of GTA V in the upcoming DLC, however the nature of this expansion it not known. Whether or not a new island will be added near the coast, accessible by boat, or a new area will be added (maybe North Yankton will be touched up, expanded, and opened up to players) in some form.

What kinds of features do you hope to see in upcoming GTA Online DLC?

Aron Gerencser
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