GTA V Becomes Manhunt 3 In Fan Video

While GTA may be Rockstar’s most famous and successful franchise, it sure isn’t their only one. Especially in recent times, when GTA V has been the only Rockstar game everyone has been hearing about, it would be easy to forget about the likes of The Midnight Club, Max Payne or L. A. Noire. Rockstar, despite being all focused on their massively popular open-world action-adventure game, has an extremely impressive line-up of IP to their name.

Unfortunately, the developer hasn’t continued any of them for quite some time now. Long-time fans have been wishing for new installments in older series quite often. Among these franchises is Manhunt, which incidentally takes place within the same universe as GTA.

The violent stealth game kicked up as much of a controversy upon release as successful it ended up being. With the push to get the game banned almost as strong as in the case of GTA, the very people trying to bury the game ended up shining the spotlight on it.


Manhunt follows the story of a man who is kidnapped and forced to violently execute countless other criminals for the sick personal entertainment of the criminal kingpin of Carcer City.

The game had a focus on stealth, as the player character couldn’t hold their own against several armed enemies at once, as well as the varied and over-the-top executions one could perform when attacking unwitting targets. The opponents faced weren’t exactly the kind that made you feel too bad about offing them – the various levels had the player take out a particularly violent gang, a group of murderous deranged psychopaths and Nazis.


The sequel improved and polished the solid gameplay formula of the first game, whilst introducing a deeper storyline in the process. Unfortunately, the series only ever got to the second installment, which was released back in 2007. While fans of the series could briefly relive the games in some capacity via the GTA Online Adversary Mode “Slasher”, their desire for a sequel remains unsatisfied.

Not that that stops them from wishing, anyway. Cody Liepins, aka “DaddyHitsMe247” on the Rockstar Social Club has recently posted a video created in the Editor which acts as a fan-made trailer for the third Manhunt game we never got. The video is extremely well cut with a sufficiently eerie intro with the long- drawn out alley shot with the intermittent TV static.


The editing work on the video is great. While on first glance the techniques used are horror 101, they are in fact especially elegant executions (no pun intended) of tried and true formulae. Manhunt was never the high-octane, action-packed, high-speed murder-romp that the GTA games resemble. It was cold, calculative and when done right, slow.

Cody has managed to capture the atmosphere of the Manhunt games with this GTA V fan video in a way you’d think impossible. GTA V is riddled with its own creepy locations and secrets, with the more remote areas lending themselves to the horror setting perfectly.

Would you like to see the Manhunt franchise revived, or is GTA 6 all you care about?

Aron Gerencser
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