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GTA V's Biggest Mad Max Vehicle Mod Rolls Out

We've seen some Mad Max related mods grace GTA V before, just never before on this scale. However, they have always been part of other non-thematic mod packs. This time around however, Mad Max fans need to look at only one mod to satisfy all their needs of turning GTA V into the post-apocalyptic Australian waste seen in the movies.

The iconic and over-the-top Doof Wagon, a truck laden with a massive speaker set-up was the previous vehicle that was modded into GTA V - and is also incidentally missing from this pack. Joining the fleet of brutal post-apoc improvised vehicles are a few variations of the Batmobile for whatever reason. The wheels of choice for DC's caped crusader have been modded into GTA V several times over the months. Many of those incarnations have a place in this mod pack along side the rides from Mad Max.

The mod is a collaborative effort between two well known modders, Kizacudo and Esrohraw. Esrohraw has also released several of the vehicles in the mod as standalone files. The massive War Pack contains the Dune-o-Death, the Gigahorse, the Peacekeeper Gonzo Tank, the Plymouth Rock Hyena, the War-rig and two Batmobiles, the Tumbler and the MK2.


The game models are extremely high quality, with considerable effort having been put into getting all the details right. Every little element is right where it should be, as seen in the movies. Currently the Bat-man vehicles are in the pack merely as placeholders. They will be replaced by the Fury Road Interceptor and the Bigfoot once their models are complete.


Some of the vehicles are composites of several in-game layouts, which can cause weird camera angles when driven in first-person. Another issue this poses is that some of the vehicles can be entered in more ways than one. Thing is, only one of the multiple driver seats actually control the ride.


The War Pack mod has gotten some serious fame in the GTA V modding community, become one of the most popular mods on the site it is hosted. Esrohraw is an established name in the community, meaning his involvement has a pretty big pull on users. Using this mod in unison with one of the many post-apoc scenery mods that have been made can help set up the perfect scene for a Mad Max cross-over fan video.

Which of the many vehicles featured in this GTA V mod pack is your favorite?


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