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GTA V LSPDFR 0.3 Announced With Preview


Here at GTA BOOM we've been following development of the ambitious Los Santos Police Department First Response mod quite attentively. The mod has begun to pick up pace with new builds being released in swift succession and the website also seeing frequent updates. All this progress is made even more praiseworthy by virtue of Rockstar's unrelenting efforts to make modding in GTA V as difficult as possible without disabling it completely. While Rockstar officially supports single-player modding, they are doing everything in their power to keep hackers and cheaters out of GTA Online, and are prepared to sacrifice the ability to use modifications in story mode if need be.


The dev team working on LSPDFR recently announced that version 0.3 of the popular GTA V mod will be released soon. For those of you who do not know, LSPDFR is a massive total conversion mod which transforms GTA V into a full fledged police simulator. The mod has a tons of features with impressive depth.

The LSPDFR team has really gotten the hang of getting their code to work with GTA V, seeing as 0.3 has only been in development for a few weeks, and yet it reworks much of the core features of the mod.

One of the core features that received another pass was the arrest mechanic, which is arguably the most important feature of the mo (owing to the whole police theme and all...). The new system allows players to seamlessly slap handcuffs on the suspect, without having to draw their weapon. The new Vapid Police Interceptor vehicle is also making its debut in the 0.3 release. This is alongside a whole new customization system, which not only allows you to customize your own officer, but ensures that the NPCs you encounter remain unique and different.

Are you guys looking forward to the LSPDFR GTA V mod?


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