GTA V Lowriders And Halloween Snapmatic Contest Winners Announced

So, who shot the million dollar picture? Rockstar has just announced the lucky (or talented) winners of the concurrently running Lowriders and Halloween GTA Online Snapmatic contests. Obviously, as this is a photo competition, Rockstar didn’t just post a few names, but let us appreciate the skill of the winning artists in full.

First up, let’s take a look at the Lowriders contest winners. Leading the pack is a evocative and stylish shot with strong minimalist vibes coming from Vertigo9219


Artsy Boo sure dialed up the pink and the leopard print in this shot


Propping up a fully customized lowrider with just one finger? Yeah, don’t go messing with the Vagos, if ChaosZake tells you so.


Not only is the next shot flashy, it is also ‘functional’ – this snap by R1CHIEC shows off the Moonbeam’s game play feature of allowing passengers to shoot off large firearms from the sliding door in the most style possible.


Some people take sunscreen to the beach. SilverFox1 takes his VooDoo.


On to the spooky winners of the Halloween snapmatic contest. Since the focus of this holiday id fright, the winning shots are less likely to inspire awe as they are to inspire “aw, shit”. Literally.

First up, we have some weird pumpkin cult rituals going on in this pic snapped by BanJabi


While the contest brought in a slew of homages, only one ended up being a winner. Enter Nosferatu a la GTA V from PhenaxMusic.


Using the Rockstar Editor to get the perfect shot ain’t cheating, and incredible91852 went all out with his alien abduction snap.


Lots of stuff going on in this action packed shot. Pumpkin patches, an abandoned farmhouse, explosions, and some crazy woman charging ahead with a machete and top-hat. What.


Finally, what is genuinely the scariest thing related to GTA V, is a shot from SzaboAndris (Hungary FTW).


Did any of you guys enter these GTA Online snapmatic competitions?

Trevor Phillips
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