GTA V Looks Better Than Real Life

Graphical modders keep pushing the visuals of GTA V to the next level.


If you have a pointlessly overpowered PC, and feel that GTA V at maximum vanilla settings is "acceptable", its not like you're strained for options. Between ENBSeries, Toddyhancer, SweetFX and who knows how many others, you can pick any mod to your liking to milk those four Titans you have in SLi, justifying that insane amount of money you paid for them (of course, your GPU isn't the only factor).


Most recently, the constantly under-development mod, Pinnacle of V, which we reported on when it was in its early stages, has shown off more progress images proving that they really want to stand by their name.

The recent batch of screenshots focus on the 4K textures the mod adds to the game and the alterations it makes to colors in GTA V, making everything look more vibrant and alive. The developers have also made some immense strides in their own weather system and the custom water is also in full display (with which we get up close and personal with in the first few seconds of the video). Another substantial improvement was that of the explosions, undeniably one of the most frequent and important effects found in GTA V.


Some of these GTA V screenshots look like photographs, while others look downright more real than actual life does. Considering the speed at which technology is advancing, this very well may be a glimpse into the future. While today you need stupidly powerful rigs to run this sort of thing, soon, the hardware that enables visuals like that will be common place and cheap. While virtual and augmented reality are on the rise, it will be a good long while before anything on the Oculus looks like GTA V does with this mod.

At what settings do our PC GTA V fans run their games at?

Aron Gerencser
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