GTA V Issues With AMD Continue After Driver Update

It seems PC players using AMD GPUs aren't in luck when it comes to GTA V.

Recently, we reported on a set of driver updates being released for AMD graphics cards, which were intended to solve a host of priority issues with the GPUs. Top on the new Crimson driver's shitlist was random crashes occurring when playing GTA V, even if the card is up to snuff hardware-wise (as much as an AMD card can be, mind you).

Unrelated to the Crimson drivers, AMD has also released a patch which allegedly fixed the heating issues AMD cards are infamous for. The fix is meant to work by allowing the fans to run at full speed, providing sufficient air-flow and cooling to keep the cards at optimal temperatures and forcing scores of AMD gamers to turn on the heating for the first time this year.



However, AMD gamers who have had their drivers and software fully updated with a nice, clean, uninterrupted game of GTA V were in for a disappointment. The newest drivers may have fixed the crashes, however the Crimson drivers have introduced a new one - black textures and dead pixels. Before you start fearing for your expensive gaming screen, we don't mean "dead pixels" in the hardware sense, rather as a graphical bug in GTA V that prevents certain areas of the screen getting any signal.


While some players have managed to solve the issue by switching over to the most recent version of Direct X, others are still enduring the issue. In some extreme cases everything save the sky itself is entirely black, as if some ancient void has consumed existence itself.

Have any of you guys encountered this issue?

Disclaimer: The jokes berating AMD's GPUs are solely included for comedic effect. GTA BOOM fully acknowledges the versatility and adequacy of AMD cards. Put the pitchforks away.

Aron Gerencser
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