GTA V Is The Best Avengers Game

Seriously, Marvel/Disney. Look at this. We know you like money. We also know you like spending lots of money when you know it will make you even more money (just look at Star Wars). How is the massive sales of GTA V and the popularity of these Avengers mods not an obvious inspiration to you?

I mean... big open-world fully destructible city, countless missions and objectives strewn about, players pick which Marvel hero they play as and let it rip.

Oh, well, in the mean time, we've got GTA V and mods to tide us over.



I believe our readers are more than familiar with the Iron Man and Hulkbuster armors, from praised modder JulioNIB. Tony Stark's signature red and gold high-tech weaponized exo-skeleton powered by an entirely new element which the billionaire playboy philanthropist discovered by himself, in his basement, carries a wide range of offensive systems, and features several abilities.

From the same modder also comes the less-high-tech "hero", the Incredible Hulk. Bruce Banner's angry green alter ego can possibly wreak the most havoc in Los Santos, with "wrecking shit" being the default setting during running.

While these three have been getting the most press coverage, we shouldn't forget the other two Avengers. The modding community sure hasn't. Captain America, the first Avenger, had humble beginnings. The weak Steve Rogers was injected with super-soldier serum, which granted him the increased speed and strength we see in this mod.


Last, but certainly not least, we have Thor, God of Thunder, son of Odin, and brother to Loki (he's adopted). While the costume and the hammer are two different mods, they work best in unison. The skin gives the visuals, while Mjolnir brings the gameplay (read: it's OP AF), destroying vehicles in a single swing.


Would you guys be interested in a game similar to GTA set in the Marvel Universe?

Aron Gerencser
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