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GTA V Is Infected... With The Survival Horror Craze


Open-world survival (horror) games have become coffee shops of the industry. While the modern military shooter is the fast food (cheap, quick to make, almost guaranteed success, craze began after success of one franchise), the recent explosion of the popularity of the survival genre, mainly on Steam, is basically the same thing. However people engaging with it consider themselves above the former due to it being indie.

Survival games usually involve a large, open map, no narrative, a hunger/thirst/endurance, inventory and loot system, as well as few resources to be found in the world. A good 80% of the time the undead make an appearance too. For some insane reason, these have had a recent spike in popularity, with every indie dev and their dog making a survival game.


So, just in case you haven't had enough of survival games, you can now play a survival game while you play GTA V. Thanks mods.

The premise of this mod, called "A Long Winter" is the same as any survival game ever. You know the drill: Nuclear War, the fall of civilization, ruined wasteland, zombies, etc, etc.

Various containers have been scattered all over Los Santos and Blaine County, which has been turned into a frozen wasteland. These containers have items which are crucial for your survival in this once great city, such as food, water and ammunition. The shambling woken corpses which now inhabit the world are so far the only other "living" things on the island, so you'll be mighty lonely. But the mod is very much a work in progress, and the author intends to add NPCs, outposts and vehicles to the game (currently you can only travel by foot, and yet the whole of GTA V's map is at your disposal - that's a lot of walking). FiveM integration is also planned, which is bound to get a lot of people banned. Again.

Will you be trying out this GTA V survival mod, or are you sick of them?


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