GTA V Inspired EA To Expand Into New Fields

It seems the gaming industry won’t shake off the influence of GTA V’s success any time soon. This game has inspired and affected well established franchises and series with its game mechanics and ideology. Fallout 4’s dev team looked to GTA V as an example for player freedom in an open world game, while the multiple protagonists of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and the Witcher 3 were in part inspired by Franklin, Trevor and Michael’s exploits in the world of Los Santos.


However, as significant as these influences are, they are just single titles. A game here, another game there, regardless of how popular or influential they themselves become or became, will hardly have the weight of one of the AAA gaming industry’s largest publishers putting their weight into a relatively untapped field, spurred by the massive popularity and sales of GTA V.

EA publishes action packed games, granted, but how many of their games actually fit outright the “action” genre?

Sure, Battlefield *has* plenty of action, but that’s an MMS. Dragon Age has plenty of action, and the latest installment is open world to an extent, but that’s an RPG. We could go on, but we’d be sitting here till hell freezes over considering the number of games EA has to its name. But somehow, not many will fit the bill of an open world action adventure game in the vein of the GTA franchise.


If you look at the biggest segment in our industry, which is action, we don’t have a lot, EA is not known to make gigantic action games like Assassin’s Creed or Batman or GTA or those types of games that are really big.

In recent years, open world games have begun to steal the crown of the AAA industry from the Modern Military Shooter franchise, and with EA being one of the largest players, its time they took a slice of the cake.

What other games do you think the influence of GTA can be felt upon?

Aron Gerencser
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