GTA V Ill-Gotten Gains Part II Release Date Announced (For Real)

Well, time to stop the rumor mills, Rockstar has announced not only the official release date of Ill-Gotten Gains Part II, but they've also announced the content of the Independence Day DLC. In a recent post on the newswire, Rockstar has marked July 8th (a Wednesday? Seriously?) as the day when Ill-Gotten Gains Par II will launch on all platforms, adding even more stuff in the game to spend your hard earned cash on.


The reason for Ill-Gotten Gains' existence is that players began to run out of stuff to buy. Astounding, I know, but people don't like having money in GTA V.



So, in response, Rockstar added a bunch of grossly overpriced luxury items to the popular video game. In Ill-Gotten Gains Part I, Rockstar added a bunch of clothes, weapon and vehicle engravings, some high-end cars, a helicopter and a 10 million dollar gold plated private jet which, admittedly, is rather useless but looks blinging.


Ill-Gotten Gains Part II will add another boatload of clothing items, the Knuckleduster and ridiculously powerful Marksman Pistol weapons, a luxury off-road vehicle called the Coil Brawler, a ship with a wooden finish called the Lampadati Toro, the Invetero Coquette BlackFin old timer, the Progen T20 sports car, the stylish Vapid Chino, and the luxurious bike, the Dinka (seriously?) Vindicator.


There will also be a weekend event kicking off on the 10th to celebrate the release of the DLC pack. This year, what Rockstar is doing is re-introducing the same content of last year's Independence Day DLC at a cheaper price.


Are you guys looking forward to Ill-Gotten Gains Part II? What stuff will you be buying first? Will you even have any money left over from last time around (mainly asking owners of the golden jet here.)?





Matt Stone

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