GTA V Ill-Gotten Gains Part II DLC Weekend events

To celebrate the recently launched Ill-Gotten Gains Part II DLC, Rockstar has scheduled a weekend event in GTA Online to run from the 10th of July to the 12th. As always, multiple activities will be part of the event, each giving players increased amounts of in-game currency and double the standard RP rate.

To celebrate the DLC properly, and not just make this another “Double RP Weekend”, Rockstar has also added exclusive item drops such as clothing items, that cannot be acquired outside of the Ill-Gotten Gains Part II weekend event. They have also added a host of new jobs for this event to give players a chance to try out some of the new toys the content update has made available, such as the Coil Brawler, a luxury off-roader, and the Progen T20, potentially the fastest car in the game.


The event includes special races for where players can only use vehicles added in the update, deathmatches where players duke it out with either the knuckleduster or marksman pistol, and get double RP when playing golf or tennis. Completing daily objectives during the event will reward players with exclusive shirts.

Rockstar has also announced a new Rockstar Editor contest, which has players collect their crew and flash all their expensive new toys. The creators of the winning video will get exclusive in-game gear, and some high-end Logitech gaming peripherals.  Another contest has players showing off their spoils with a snapmatic selfie done with their iFruit phone. Five winners will receive $1 million in-game currency. In addition to these, all golden paint jobs from LS Customs will be absolutely free during the weekend event. While all of this is pretty impressive, Rockstar took it a step further, and players can enter sweepstakes in the Rockstar Social Club, where the chance to nick some physical goods like a USB and pendant is open to everyone with an account.

What do you guys think of this weekend event? Will it keep you riveted to the screen for three days straight?

Aron Gerencser
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