GTA V Ill-Gotten Gains Part II Causing Bugs On PC

The gaming community is abuzz with the recent release of part II of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC, and anyone talking about GTA V right now is talking about this update. While the 1.28 update brought a wealth of new content such as what may be the fastest car in the game, as well as a luxury off-road vehicle, the launch didn’t go down without a hitch (just like last time). While the bugs 1.28 introduced are nowhere near as major as 1.27 breaking mods, these issues can hamper you enjoyment of the new content.


As we’ve reported previously, vehicles have disappeared from garages, again. Players have reported that after updating their game to version 1.28, upon  checking their garages, some of their vehicles were gone. Rockstar investigated the issue, and noted that in the case of a player owning multiple properties, the missing vehicles should be in one of those, as the update re-shuffled garages. However, while most people found their missing rides in the other garage, some players have lost their vehicles permanently. Do not fret though, as Rockstar has refurbished the lost vehicles in these cases.

This isn’t the only issue that popped up, unfortunately. Some players reported that the models for vehicles failed to load, and only the tires were visible. The vehicle was still there, could be entered, driven, exited and blown up, however the in-game model simply didn’t appear. Knowing the GTA community, shenanigans ensued.

Last but not least, players have been experiencing significant FPS drops since the update was implemented, however Rockstar has stated that they are investigating this issue.

It seems that despite a good track record, Rockstar still lets a few bugs slip through the cracks with their updates. Luckily these are nowhere near as sever as some other developers’ game-breaking patches (*cough* Dragon Age II 1.04 *cough*), and a few hiccups notwithstanding, Rockstar is doing a pretty stellar job.

Have you guys experienced any of the above bugs?

Aron Gerencser
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