GTA V Ill-Gotten Gains Busting Vehicle Replicators


Grand Theft Auto Online’s newest update, 1.27, which included the first part of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC, featured a plethora of tweaks, bug-fixes and security updates (which also killed mods on PC), as well as quite a bit of content, such as luxury jets, new vehicles and weapon engravings.

Turns out, some of the changes implemented by Rockstar in the patch are only seeing the light of day with a slight delay. One of these tweaks is the addition of a new stat which tracks the sale of vehicles. Patch 1.09/1.23 introduced a glitch which, in the right conditions, allowed players to duplicate vehicles, taking them back to their garage, and selling them as many times as they repeat the process. The method was unreliable at best, and required extreme patience for it to actually pay off, but some people out there were making a killing off duplicated vehicles.

With the new update, the rule regarding the 48 minute time limit, allowing players to sell a total of six cars per day before getting the warning about exceeding the limit is overridden. With the tracking enabled by the new stat in place, Rockstar can monitor people who make use of vehicle duplication and sales glitches, and ban them accordingly.


Rockstar has been very diligent in cracking down on any and all glitches or exploits that influence the game’s economy. GTA Online has a flourishing stock market, and while these glitches are in place, people turning a profit from them will have an unfair edge over those gamers who prefer to play in an honest manner.

The game’s stock market is also the reason why there is no money cheat implemented in single player. The stock market we access from the SP mode is the same one operating in GTA Online, therefore a single player money cheat would still wreak havoc on the stock prices in Online, with disastrous consequences.

For those of you who need a money-boost, Rockstar is offering Shark Cash Cards as DLC. PC gamers beware, though, as purchasing these voids your right to a steam refund.

Trevor Phillips
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