GTA V Hits 54 Million Sales, Best Game Ever?

The most recent sales data on GTA V stated that the game has sold a whopping 52 million copies, but now Rockstar’s blockbuster has managed to hit another sales benchmark. TakeTwo has revealed that the number of GTA V copies sold has reached (and passed) the 54 million mark, which is a mindbogglingly large number when it comes to video game sales. Most of the new sales are coming in from the PC versions of the game, as that is the platform where GTA V launched latest. The PC version of GTA V is considered by many to be the “definitive” iteration of the game thanks to the immense visual upgrade over the console version because of hardware capabilities, as well as the inclusion of the Rockstar Editor and modding “support”.


In other news (or should we say non-news) despite the rumors surrounding the upcoming DLC that the recent week-long events have been building up to, Rockstar has yet to make any announcement regarding the content update or the existence of any Story DLC in the pipeline. The announcement of the new sales benchmark would have been a great chance to announce the new DLC, as such announcements always boost sales temporarily. However, considering that GTA Online content updates are entirely regular, the reveal of single-player DLC would be groundbreaking, and would surely make sales spike.

Certain rumors, though most of them baseless, have already began to circulate about the potential sequel, GTA VI. Considering we have chatter about the next game in the series, it would be about time for Rockstar to reveal what they have in store for the GTA V era’s future, or whether or not they even have any plans for single-player DLC.

Do you think story DLC really is under development, or is Rockstar focusing 100% on GTA Online?

Aron Gerencser
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