GTA V Meets Halo Meets Skyrim In Triple Crossover

You just have to love a community which manages to mix GTA V with a “Who would win?” question about two characters from different franchises, make the whole thing as a fan video and pull it off in a great way. This is the reason why modding is so essential for GTA V and is not to be confused with what hackers are doing in Online. Coupled with the Rockstar Editor, the game’s own video editor, mods in the hands of creative individuals can truly be the stuff of legends.

GTA V has seen its share of fan-induced cross-overs via videos and mods, some taking the obvious route of the straight-faced recreations of opening sequences or a mod that stays true to the source material. Then again others like to throw a handful of turds into the mix for the sake of laughs. Some find ways to transport their fandom into the world of Grand Theft Auto without the use of mods – though this takes a fair bit of wit.

In the realm of fan videos – despite the mind-boggling amount of them floating about – somehow multi-crossovers haven’t really been done. Adam Pinkman, a well known name in GTA V fan video circles has created what seems to be the first part in a series of videos made using the Editor and some additional software. We’ve interviewed Adam some time ago about the process that goes into making a high quality fan video.


He’s remade the live action Skyrim trailer in GTA V before, followed by the teaser trailer for Halo 5. Now, he’s decided to mix all three of those together in a showdown for the ages. He’s pitting Dovah’kiin, the Dragonborn, against Master Chief, the Spartan super-soldier. The field of battle? Los Santos.

Granted, there isn’t too much fighting going on in this first episode – it’s more of an introduction to the concept and the two combatants – though a fair share of PEDs and police vehicles meet their grisly end.


The fight is shaping up to be a promising one, with the green power-armored Spartan bringing a grenade launcher and super-human abilities to the fight, while the Dragonborn is packing a sword, a shield, a loud voice and… a dragon? I mean, other than Paarthurnax (and even he is only an ally if you pick one particular choice), when is a dragon ever on your side?

Who do you think will win this epic showdown in GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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