GTA V Halloween Surprise Item Bug Still Plaguing Players

Following a slew of leaks spoiling more or less all of the Halloween “Surprise” DLC for GTA Online, Rockstar recently released the update a bit ahead of the actual celebration. With Halloween behind us, the DLC still lingers on until the 16th of November, after which you won’t be able to buy the items and vehicles added in the DLC – however if you already have them, you’ll still have access to them. As such, players are in a frenzy to get their hands on the unique, spooky goods before they’re gone for good, but some gamers were in for the biggest fright of this year’s Halloween when they checked their inventory after making a DLC purchase.


After the DLC went live, GTA Online players almost instantly began reporting bugs. After purchasing a limited Halloween item such as the flashlight or one of the costume masks, the article they’d bought did not appear in their inventory, but their character’s in-game bank account was charged. After several support tickets were submitted, Rockstar allegedly resolved the issue, and any player affected had their purchases reimbursed. They should then have been free to repurchase the items. For most, the fix truly solved the issue, however a few players were still experiencing the same bug.

We are currently investigating cases for a small group of players who might have purchased these items and did not receive them during that time.


Rockstar has since applied a second fix to the same issue, and they’re getting closer, with even more affected players finally being able to buy the items successfully, but some still experienced the bug. In any case, if you are still unable to purchase the limited Halloween items, do not be distressed, as Rockstar knows of the issue and is working hard to fix it, and you’ve still got until the 16th to make up for lost time.

Were and of you guys afflicted with this GTA Online bug?

Trevor Phillips
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