GTA 5 Meets The Green Goblin Courtesy Of JulioNIB

GTA 5's most reputable and famous modder is back once more with a high-quality mod based on not a superhero, but a supervillain this time. Get ready to glide through the streets of Los Santos as the crazed and murderous Green Goblin, one of Spiderman's most iconic foes.

By "most reputable and famous" modder, we of course mean JulioNIB, who became widely known for his extremely well made Iron Man armor mod, as well as a few others including The Incredible Hulk and one which adapted the grappling hook from Just Cause 2 to GTA 5.

Julio started modding back in the days of GTA IV and was already known as a content creator of skill back then, but he only really entered the public eye when his iconic Iron Man mod was extensively covered by the media and press. Since then, his reputation has only grown thanks to a handful of similarly high-quality mods, most of which are related to either Marvel's or DC's superhero universes.

Interestingly enough, in spite of this being GTA, meaning that players will obviously go on destructive murder rampages whenever given a wide array of special abilities used by superheroes, this is the first time JulioNIB rendered a supervillain in mod form, who is more likely to reflect that kind of violent behavior.

The mod is pretty damn sweet, adding not only the Green Goblin's signature outfit as seen in the original Spiderman movie where he was depicted by Willem Dafoe but also his high-tech glider. What most resembles a flying snowboard from hell, the glider is fully functional.


Not only can you fly around at high speeds with it while making sharp turns due to a high degree of responsiveness and great handling, but hover in place for precise aiming as well. The glider's wide array of weaponry is also at your disposal, giving players new way to dispose of the poor NPCs in GTA 5.

The spikes on the front end of the glider aren't just for show. They can actually impale and carry any character you hit frontally. The victims will be impaled on the spikes, allowing you to carry them high into the air and let the dead drop finish them off.

You've also got some rockets and a neat machine gun hidden into that mean machine to get rid of vehicles or large groups of enemies, plus deployable 'slicers', which are small spinning bladed chakrams that orbit the player at high speed. I was always curious how the Green Goblin manages to control all of these features when only his feet are attached to the thing, and those a mostly occupied with driving it. Oh, well, because of 'comic book reasons' I guess.

Of course, the glider itself isn't the only weapon in your terrifying arsenal. The Goblin's iconic pumpkin grenades are here in full force. You have your standard explosive grenade, the burst bomb which disintegrates NPCs with a neat animation but leaves vehicles undamaged and the option to drop several of the regular explosive grenades in one go as carpet bombing.

One of the best aspects of this mod, however, is the glider's AI. when you're not standing on it, you can select from two presets, bodyguard and killer, changing its behavior. The fact that it even has behavior is yet another testament to JulioNIB's skill as a modder.

Those of you who played Titanfall will be familiar with this feature. When the player isn't on the glider, the glider will act on its own to defeat enemies and protect the player. In Bodyguard mode, the glider will stay close to the player and follow them around, all the whole protecting them from hostile NPCs.

The second is different than Titanfall's version, which allowed players to order their Titan to hunker down and protect a critical location. JulioNIB took a more violent approach, allowing players to send their glider on a murder rampage of its own, wherein it will actively seek out hostile NPCs and get rid of them.

Don't worry about the glider going too far away on its own. You can always recall it to your current location and re-mount for more murderous Green Goblin fun. There is also a handy neutral setting for the glider's AI in case you find yourself needing it.

The mod is still a work in progress, meaning it's only available to JulioNIB's patrons who are funding him through the Patreon platform, however he always delivers on his mods, and does so with a high standard of quality. Alongside all of this content we've already highlighted, the mod also features a model and support for the glider used by the newer Goblin in the rebooted The Amazing Spiderman films.

Will you be giving this mod a try when it fully launches 2-3 weeks from now?

Aron Gerencser
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