GTA V Goes To New Zealand

GTA V is set in an exciting, sprawling open world modeled after Los Angeles. Many iconic landmarks from the real world city of angels can be found in Los Santos, but don’t be surprised if you bump into a Pak’n Save.

With the PC version of GTA V supporting mods (I use the word “supporting” loosely), a whole world of opportunity has opened up before the modding community. Total conversion mods aren’t unheard of, nor are the recreation of other maps. This particular mod is a tad less ambitious, but it certainly pays quite some attention to detail.


Welcome to New Zealand, folks! Before you pack your bags, note that this mod hasn’t actually been released, due to fear for copyright issues.

Kiwiana GTA is a mod that adds kiwi flare to an otherwise obviously american setting, be it TUI beer banners or KFC (which, granted, is an american company, but still characteristic of New Zealand).

Owing to the criminal side of the GTA franchise, Andre Hema-Kani, the mod’s author, added some mighty mongrel mobsters to the game as well. Andre got overwhelmingly positive feedback after posting screenshots of his creation, however he is reluctant to release the mod to the masses, as the logos and banners used belong to existing commercial entities, and he wants to steer clear of any lawsuits.

While Andre does say that if the mod is anything to go on, his hometown is hardly typical kiwi, but the brands he used are the most widely recognized. He has full intention to continue work on the mod, and the community has been throwing suggestions at him non-stop.

Cultural modifications are few and far between, though considering the amount of media coverage this mod has gotten, we just might see a surge in similar projects soon. I’d love to see some szürkemarha and parasztkolbász in GTA (if anyone gets that, you’re officially awesome.).

What kind of cultural mods would you like to see in GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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